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   The Orbiter is a uniquely challenging orbiting ring toss game and an innovative decorative interior accent for the home or office.   

  "Points for Peace" Celebration!!!          

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Orbiter Swings
  Orbiter Newton's Plaything

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Copplestone LLC

Copplestone Games

Copplestone Games designs, manufactures and sells tabletop games, toys and promotions, online. 
These games, gifts and brainteasers are designed to have the sculptural look of a work of art with the function of a dynamic and challenging game. Hand made in the USA. These games have been developed by craftsman / artist and inventor David Copplestone to achieve his goal - to create to entertain.

The tabletop game Orbiter is a pendulum device, used to demonstrate the laws of motion. Players are challenged to learn six Orbiter swings, each one different with increasingly difficult swing paths, and then to see which player will make the most ringers using those swings in order to win the match. The swing concepts can be understood in minutes but they will take a lifetime to perfect.

The putting rail is a putting device, to demonstrate and to improve a golfer’s putting skills. The rail features a convex top surface that demands that you hit the ball straight. The idea behind this golf aid is that the more time a golfer spends with a putter in their hand making smooth and consistent strokes, the more their putting game, and golf score, will improve.

The tabletop game E.S.P. is a device to demonstrate the law of probability and how it may be influenced by a person’s powers of extra sensory perception. Players receive points for matching their selections of colors with the colors on the dice that the sender has selected and concealed.

Shoebops are circular 1.5” soft vinyl shoelace decorative accessories. Shoebops feature a happy face like graphic with bright eyes and a smile. Shoebops are a symbol of hope, optimism, health and energy!!!

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                             orbiter_1035w.jpg Orbiter

Orbiter Grand Slam Video

Orbiter Description - A ring toss game

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                              4835_cropped.jpg Putting Rail™          

“The Million Dollar Putt”                                    

Description -  A golf aid

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                            ESP_wood1.jpg Copplestone’s E.S.P.™

“An Extra Sensory Perception Toy”            

Description -  The Shell Game  

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                             shoebops_14.jpg Product nformation                                    

Description - A Decorative Shoelace Accessory

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Table? Put a ringer on it!
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   Earth_Western_Hemisphere_transparent_background.jpg           Orbiter - a positive spin on the world.

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