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David Copplestone designs, manufactures and sells educational games, science games, Orbiter, ring toss games, executive gifts, tabletop games, toys and promotions, online.
innovative; toys,  games, promotions, gifts and brainteasers are designed to have the sculptural look of a work of art with the function of a dynamic and challenging game. These science games have been developed by craftsman / artist and inventor David Copplestone to achieve his goal - to create to entertain. The tabletop ring toss game Orbiter is a pendulum device, used to demonstrate the laws of motion. Players are challenged to learn six orbiter swings and then compete for points using a scoring method similar to the one used in their favorite sport – football, baseball, tennis etc. The tabletop game “Copplestone’s E.S.P.” is a device to demonstrate the law of probability and how it may be influenced by a person’s powers of extra sensory perception. Players receive points for matching their selections of colors with the colors on the dice that the sender has selected and concealed. Shoebops are circular 1.5” soft vinyl shoelace decorative accessories. Shoebops feature a happy face like graphic with bright eyes and a smile. SHOEBOPS are a symbol of HOPE, OPTIMISM, HEALTH and ENERGY!!!

We hope that you will remember us when you are looking for innovative; toys,  games, promotions, educational games, science games, ring toss games, executive gifts, dice games, putting games, golf games, shoe tags, shoelace accessories and brainteasers.

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To create to entertain.

Copplestone LLC creates and develops learning, action and skill games. 

Company Overview:

Copplestone LLC was founded in 2011 by David Copplestone. We have been doing business as Copplestone Artworks since 1980. 

Basic Info:
Copplestone LLC founded 2011
Gourmet Games Founded 1998

Copplestone Artworks Founded 1980

David Copplestone Art Institute of Boston
Graduated 1975

 Products: We proudly make and market the games: Copplestones Orbiter, Copplestones Putting Rail, Shoebops, E.S.P., Lots, Geronimo, Melt Down, Tick Tack Toes, Peggotty, Dots, Hi Design Cube, Stackum, Pandemonium, Eightpoint, Caps. 

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David W. Copplestone
Wellesley, MA 02482



We design our games, gifts and brainteasers to have the sculptural look of a work of art with the function of a very dynamic and challenging game to play. Our list of games begins with:

ORBITER - Being able to perform the orbiter’s swing challenges is a great accomplishment. Once mastered, a large part of the repeat play and enjoyment is derived from the time you’ll spend showing your friends and teaching others the complex swings that you’ve learned on the orbiter. To enhance the playability of the game the orbiter uses the scorecard and method of play of the game of golf. You will accomplish with the ring and string what the golfer achieves with the club and ball.

E.S.P.  is a fun science game to see if you can beat the odds of probability with your powers of extra sensory perception. ESP has added the charm and allure of America’s national pastime baseball by incorporating its own version of baseball’s scorecard and method of play. Each correct color choice you make is equal to a hit in the game of baseball.

Shoebops – A shoelace accessory, are a symbol of OPTIMISM, HEALTH and ENERGY!!!       

The Putting Rail - This game allows you to show off your shot making skills as well as your ability to make good strategic shot selections just as you would on your golf course. You even can use a golf card of your choice to keep score.

Want to shave points off your golf score? Use the Putting Rail. The idea behind this golf aid is that the more time a golfer spends with a putter in their hand, the more their putting game, and golf score, will improve. So choose among three engaging games that you can play on the golf rail and enjoy.


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We invent, develop and market challenging, decorative desktop toys, games and brainteasers.

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Toys & Games


David W. Copplestone
6 Shadow Lane

Wellesley, MA 02482

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